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  • Pasta & Spaghetti -- the Great Standby
    • Almost all of use have this staple in our pantry just waiting for us to create a meal ... what can you do with pasta or spaghetti tonight?  Click on the Great Standby article and you can quickly read about five pasta dishes you can make in a snap.
  • Steak in all Flavors ... How Do You Like It?
    • If you have a man in the house, I'm sure you're always looking for different ways to prepare a good steak.  And even if you don't -- a nice, juicy steak is all the more enjoyable with additional flavors infused.  How Do You Like It?  5 Quick ideas to perk up your beef tonight!
  • Are You Up for Chicken Tonight?
    • Here are quick, easy chicken meals that will satisfy a mean case of the munchies.
  • Did You Say Chocolate Fondue?
    • Old favorites and new twists -- chocolate fondue works on so many levels.  Read this quick list of what to put on your next dessert menu.
  • Do We Need a Reason to Eat Garlic?
    • As if we really needed a reason -- but, it is nice to know we're doing something good for ourselves when we reach for the garlic.